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importance of crypto education when trading

Thinking of investing in crypto? Education is power!

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You regularly hear about people making a ton of money very quickly in the stock market. But the average return per year for the stock market historically is just 10%. In contrast, Bitcoin is by far the best performing asset class of the decade! After its recent surge to ATH (All-Time-High), it has produced an annualized return of 240% over the last ten years!

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more people try to become rich overnight by investing in cryptocurrencies. Crypto trading is unique as it offers a remarkably high ROI (Return on Investment) potential in extremely short time periods! However, the cryptocurrency market is not the same as the stock market, especially when it comes to having the same checks and balances to protect investments. In the United States of America, stocks are regulated by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and commodities by the CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission), but cryptocurrencies lack an effective regulatory body.

Historically, the crypto market is very volatile, featuring huge FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) waves and huge market crashes all within months from each other. One of the reasons crypto prices can rise and fall so fast is due to market manipulation, which is a direct result of the lack of regulation we see in the crypto space! Market manipulation is a method used by cryptocurrency traders, who work to influence the price of a coin to obtain an economic benefit. This could mean spreading false information to influence the market, flooding the market with sell orders, or buying up large amounts of a cryptocurrency of choice to show an artificial increase in demand and then selling it all at a higher price to make a profit.

The Crypto Learning Journey

Have you recently started trading cryptocurrencies, or are you thinking of investing? Getting into a new venture and investing your own money can be a daunting and stressful experience. You need to be aware of the high risk and equip yourself with knowledge before making any investment decisions. The famous phrase: "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest" by Benjamin Franklin couldn't be more accurate in this case! There is a massive benefit behind continuously becoming more knowledgeable in the crypto space. In fact, just about every successful crypto investor has one thing in common: they are constantly reading and educating themselves on a daily basis.

 So crypto education is essential for new investors. But how do you start learning about an entirely new concept that is always changing and evolving? Cryptocurrency has been characterized as:

 "Everything you don't understand about finance with everything you don't understand about computers!"

While the above sentence makes it sound like learning crypto is an impossible task the reality lies somewhere in between. Cryptocurrencies do have a steep learning curve but it is certainly not so hard to understand at least the basics. The first step to getting the most out of your crypto education is the willingness to learn. As a new concept, you will find many ideas and information challenging at first. Your drive to continue learning will determine how much you will gain and use. The next step is to make use of reliable resources. Like most people, you are probably trying to learn through scattered resources on the internet and social media. If yes, then perhaps you are experiencing the following:

  • Your learning feels disorganized and time-consuming
  • You are putting a lot of effort into learning with little return
  • Your investment strategy seems very random
  • You have fallen victim to social media hype and misinformation

Best way to Learn

While there are several good free resources on the internet, not everything will allow you to learn what you need at the same speed. You also don’t want to spend endless amounts of time on arbitrary information you find on the internet from different videos, blogs, and forum posts. In addition, you should certainly avoid the social media crypto promoters who use disinformation strategies to shill their coins.

Your best bet is to access resources that provide curated knowledge about crypto. Curated knowledge simply means that the content is from a trusted source relevant to the industry and that the learning material is structured, categorized, and presented in a way to aid the learning experience. You will find that curated knowledge only includes what is worth capturing and that usually the material is frequently revisited and kept up to date.

The problem is that there is currently a lack of clear and engaging curated educational content for the crypto industry. Most courses out there are either too hard to understand or they're just information dumps without any structure. Therefore, we decided to change this!


 We created Blockready to make sure that crypto enthusiasts can get a holistic overview of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem and its industry. Our online courses are easy to follow and teach you everything you need to know about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our main aim is to bring blockchain and crypto education to the masses and unlock a door to opportunity for those who need it the most! We have specially designed our virtual learning environment to make cryptocurrency simple for beginners using the best tools and technologies to provide a learning experience optimized for crypto education! Our massive repository of learning material includes researched and unbiased answers to 500 crypto FAQs that allow you to learn in small bite-sized material.

Here are some benefits of taking one of our crypto courses in comparison to accessing arbitrary information you find on the internet:

  • Your investment strategy will transition from random to a unified plan of attack
  • You'll save months of research and avoid information overload
  • You'll build skills to help you make better & more informed investments decisions
  • You'll discover crypto market growth prospects & available opportunities faster
  • You’ll learn how to do your own research and increase your odds of picking a good crypto project
  • You'll better understand how blockchain & crypto will impact every aspect of your life
  • You'll be able to discover topics that you didn't even know you needed to learn

Bottom Line

The secure way to become a crypto expert and make sound investment decisions is through education. At Blockready we offer online crypto courses that include curated, structured and easy-to-understand knowledge, not just information! We teach you exactly what you need to know on a compressed timeline at a fraction of the cost! Ideal for busy people who value their time and who want to access accurate unbiased knowledge to get started with crypto investing.

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