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Crypto Masterclass Free


This is an absolutely FREE course, which gives you a full intro to the world of Web3, blockchain & crypto! You will get access to a 3-module course and bonus resources that include essential learning material to help you get up to speed with this industry ten times faster than learning on your own.


  •  Module 1: Blockchain: In this module, we explore blockchain, a technology that has the potential to transform how we live our lives, and reshape the way we interact, make decisions, and transact online! Most importantly, the evolution of blockchain technology has given birth to Web 3.0, a paradigm shift toward a more democratized internet controlled by the people rather than companies and large corporations.

     Module 2: Crypto General: Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology and are now offering everyone a new way of transferring value by making online payments more secure, reliable, and private than any other form of payment that has ever existed before. You will gain an understanding of crypto and why it offers all of us a chance to become part of a new technology that will change how we exchange value online forever.

     Module 3: Bitcoin: In this module, you will discover Bitcoin, its significance, and its role in the wider ecosystem of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. By the end of the module, you ll understand how Bitcoin enables a more fair, efficient, and democratic economic system and how it grants you access to your inherent right to true financial freedom.


  •  120 x Glossary Terms and their meaning in order to navigate the numerous blockchain-related resources on the internet without getting lost in the jargon.

    160 x FAQs. The most popular questions people ask about blockchain and crypto with validated, concise, and detailed answers covering a diverse range of related topics.

    12 x Did you know?" facts about this industry that aim to underline the importance of blockchain and crypto as well as make you aware of their journey to mainstream adoption.

    10 x Myth Busters that aim to debunk some common misconceptions to help you gather a better understanding of the technology.

    85 x Useful Bookmarks Online resources to help you discover, dive deeper into, and share valuable blockchain and crypto insights. Use it as an information repository to improve your understanding of the space.

    25 x Tips We put together these best practice tips to help you avoid common mistakes when starting your learning journey. Learn how to make sound investment decisions, balance risk, protect your crypto, and choose reliable sources of information.

     5 x How-To Guides Practical exercises on common must-know activities (such as creating a crypto wallet) so that you can apply the concepts you have learned in a real-world context.


  • 20 x Events & Conferences We have collated a list of different blockchain & crypto events and conferences taking place around the world and online where the cryptocurrency community discusses the most pressing topics facing blockchain and the wider Fintech space.

    30 x Industry Reports A collection of reports related to blockchain, Web3, crypto, and the metaverse. These reports bring together a wide range of information from credible sources on the latest developments and trends in the industry. Access these reports in one place to save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent searching on the internet...

    50 x Visual Library Items A collection of informative images, infographics, and charts to enhance and support your learning journey. Our Visual Library serves as a dynamic companion, clarifying complex concepts, unraveling market dynamics, and illustrating key trends.

    20 x Social Media Resources (Best Of) Access a compilation of the top social media crypto resources. From the most reliable news websites to influential YouTube channels, insightful crypto newsletters, must-follow Twitter accounts, advanced crypto analysis tools, essential crypto books, and engaging podcasts, this collection leaves no stone unturned.

    25 x DYOR Checklist A comprehensive DYOR checklist for conducting methodical research on crypto projects. This guide simplifies the research process into easy-to-follow steps, enabling you to evaluate each project effectively. It's designed to help you cut through the clutter, concentrate on the crucial aspects, and make choices that match your investment goals.

    120 x VC Crypto Investors A database of Venture Capital fintech, blockchain & crypto investors globally providing a window into the strategic insights and perspectives of these investment heavyweights. Whether you're a Web3 entrepreneur seeking potential backers, a professional aiming to understand market dynamics or a curious learner, this resource offers invaluable insights.

    100 x Crypto Whitepapers If you are thinking about investing in a crypto coin, your first stop should always be reading the whitepaper. Get access to whitepapers of the most significant crypto projects!

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